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AnswerS has secured the services of 2 consultants with many years of experience in market research. Both are familiar with all techniques and methods of market research and can tell when a question has really been answered.

We consider it our greatest strength that we want to know exactly what the objectives of the study are, so that we can develop the most suitable study design and questions. Often the true objectives are only revealed in an in-depth discussion of the research project.

We do not use off-the-shelf market research strategems but create a customized plan of methods and techniques tailored to your individual needs. [Which does not mean we don’t have standards.]

We are not afraid to thoroughly reexamine the taken approach after the first pilot interviews to ensure that we will get the information we are after.

So don’t be too surprised to discover that we want to know absolutely everything. Because we are convinced that moderators can only ask the right questions when they understand exactly what the project’s overall purpose is.

We do not loose sight of your research goals . We always keep in close contact with our clients to ensure the best possible information exchange.


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