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AnswerS offers the entire spectrum of methods from in-depths via group discussions to creative techniques. We use established [TESTANSÄTZE?] which we know will bring our clients the answers they need.

Our special focus lies on qualitative market research. We want to uncover the true and often hidden motivations driving our respondents.

Additionally we conduct quantitative studies in order to verify the findings from our qualitative study and establish a solid basis for them. Whether it is the classical face-to-face interview, folder-tests or concept tests, interviews by phone or email you are looking for, or whether you would like feedback checks, trainings or online-questionnaires - AnswerS can meet all your market research [needs/requirements].

Aside from the classical market research tools we also offer field service coachings to ensure that your product’s story is communicated well and authentically. All according to the slogan: the field service is marketing’s first client.



With our years of experience in communication- and folder-tests we have developed the so-called “feedback check” - an “in vivo” training module for your field service. It’s a shame to see a good concept fail at the first hurdle.


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